This page is designed to give you all the information you may need to know when commissioning a painting.

First I’ll need something to work from. Please have a quick read of the guide below to get an idea of what I need. When you have your images, you can send them by email and we will have a discussion on aspects such as colour, background, mood, lighting, composition and content. Ideas develop with consideration and sometimes, we may have several conversations as thoughts develop. It can take several conversations or emails to sort the finer details!

Working from life

With portraiture, working from life is best. When painting directly from the sitter, I can see all the nuances of light and colour which a photograph does not necessarily show. I usually meet with the sitter to discuss what ideas they have with regard to pose, content and mood and set times for sessions lasting two to three hours. The amount of sessions needed depends on content and size.

My working process is to use the sessions to work directly on the painting however if time is short for the sitter, I will take photographs and make quick sketches and colour paintings to work within my studio.


Murals can be painted directly onto a prepared wall or on heavy, primed wallpaper to be pasted onto the surface. Murals are painted in oil.

They are usually specific to the space they will cover and will depend on content and size. If you are interested in commissioning a mural, please contact me for a quote.

Please contact me (via email) to get the process started!

I look forward to hearing from you.